How to Order Bundles of Edibles

1.Click on Bundles of Edibles for meals and/or the breakfast bundle.

2.On the next page, type in one entree and two sides. You are more than welcome to select the same side twice.

3.Then let Chef Elizabeth know how many servings you would like. Please note the price will change as you select the serving size.

4.If you would like multiples of that Bundle, adjust quantity number.

5.If you have a special request, please add that to the note section. This could include Gluten Free, Dairy Free or other information.

6.Now add it to your basket.

7.After that you are ready to order your second Bundle, your breakfast bundle, and extra edibles.

8.Once you’ve ordered all meals, head over to the check-out page.

How to Pick Up

1.Every Tuesday from 3:30-5:30 is pick up. If this does not work for you, please contact Chef E.

2.Come to Due West Methodist Church, Building B.

3. We will be there to help you. Please let us know your name and we can grab your order. If someone is not there, your food is located in the walk in fridge. Your order is labeled with your name.

How to Reheat Food

1.All food is fully cooked, unless requested otherwise.

2.Single meals packaging is microwave safe, not oven safe.

3.Aluminum pans are oven safe, not microwave safe.

4.It is recommended you slice proteins before reheating in microwave.

5.Microwave items in 45 second intervals. This keeps you from over cooking your food.

6.For oven heating, set temperature to 350 degrees. Heat for 10-15 minutes.

7.When reheating rice, add 1 ice cube per serving to help add moisture.

8.When reheating biscuits, muffins, or scones, microwave them for 15 seconds.

Bundles of Edibles


Extra Edibles
Frozen entrees and sides from previous weeks. Available at a discounted price!