How to Order Bundles of Edibles

1.Click on Bundles of Edibles for meals and/or the breakfast bundle.

2.On the next page, select your first entrée. Then add your two sides. You are more than welcome to select the same side twice.

3.Now let Chef Elizabeth know how many servings you would like. Please note the price will change as you select the serving size.

4.If you would like multiple servings of that Bundle, let us know under quantity.

5.If you have a special request, please add that to the note section. This could include Gluten Free, Diary Free or other information.

6.Now add it to your basket.

7.Now you are ready to order your second Bundle, your breakfast bundle, and extra edibles.

8.Once you’ve ordered all meals, you will be directed to the check-out page.

July 7th Bundles

Bundle of Edibles



Extra Edibles

Frozen entrees and sides from previous weeks. Available at a discounted price!

Extra Edibles

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