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Shipping Information

During the pandemic, FedEx has suspended shipping guarantees for all levels of service, EXCEPT Overnight Shipping, which they are now guaranteeing.

1. ORDERING CHOCOLATE? For temperatures 68° and above, please order 1 ice pack for every $60 worth of chocolate - we'll refund you if you order too many.
2. For temperatures up to 85°, for ice packs to be effective, order must arrive within 2 days.
3. When temperature exceeds 85°, order with ice pack(s) order must arrive in 1 day.
4. Choose a shipping destination where someone will be there to bring package inside and out of the elements.
5. We time the shipping of ice packed orders so they do not spend the weekend in the shipper warehouse, allowing the ice pack to melt.
6. FedEX does NOT ship to P.O. Boxes, please provide physical address. If you MUST use a P.O. box, choose FedEx Ground, which will actually be delivered by FedEx SmartPost. Delivery will be one week or more - don't use if melting is an issue - ice packs only last for 2 days.
7. We do not ship internationally.

This is a lot of information. If you have a question about the best way to ship, please call 770.375.9882 or email

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